Healthy Lifestyle Changes

This episode is about changes! Getting to wellness is simple but not easy. It requires a lifetime plan and the journey to get there begins with will power. You need to care about creating better health, a better life, a better future for your children more years in your life and more life in your years. But caring and willing is not enought, wellness requires also skill power. The truth is where there is a will, there is really just a will. It is important step but it is not enough, once you have a will, you will be face with 2 opposite behaviors ; – Motivation – Resistance If motivation for changing your behavior is high and there is no resistance, in other word it is easy to do, you will achieve your goals. If there is no motivation in this case it doesn’t matter whether resistance is high or low, you will not achieve your goals. In between is the situation where most of us all are. We want the prize, but it is just too hard, if your motivation is high, but your resistance higher, you will have difficulty to change behavior. So you need to know what stand between you and better health, it is lack of motivation or too much obstacles or both. You need to focus on what it is broken so you can improve your chances of reaching your goals. By evaluating whether you need to raise your motivation overcome substantial resistance or both, you can identify which strategies will best support your effort to improve your lifestyle. Once you know what to do, then you need skill power which mean the skills. The resources and the tools that will empower you to overcome obstacles, and let’s face it. It’s take real effort to : – Eat well – Be active – Manage its emotions, esspecialy in the modern world where your enviroment doesn’t help you. The way we behave is a choice we make, we wait the pro and the cons of available choice and then decide on the particular pattern. To change to a new pattern require that we abandon the pattern we choose at the first place. Making the switch is difficult, because any changes require giving up something that we are familiar with. And it is certainly easier to stick on the status quo, it’s require preparation and persevering, it’s also require giving your body and brain to support they need with sufficient sleep, good relaxation and essential nutrients. So, are you ready to alter your habit. take this short test in order to know if you might need a little help before getting start. Be honest with yourself, it is important that this answer reflect who you really are and not who you like to be. So take your time, go to take a piece of paper and a pencil. Ok, Are you ready! let’s go! to 11 questions Answer just true or false for each question! 1. I have though long and hard about my future, my age, my current lifestyle, and i have come to the conclution that something needs to be changed. (True 1 False 0) 2. I have accepted that i need to make permanent rather than temporary changes to the way i live in order to experience a successful change in my lifestyle. (True 1 False 0) 3. I will only feel completely satisfied if i see rapid and noticeable changes. (True 0 False 1) 4. I accept that change may be gradual and that results may not be very noticeable at first.(True 1 False 0) 5. I am seriously considering undergoing a healthy lifestyle program because i want to, and not because someone else suggested it to me.(True 1 False 0) 6. I believe taking part in this program will solve other problems in my life.(True 0 False 1) 7. I am ready and truly want to improve my physical activity.(True 1 False 0) 8. I truly believe i will succeed, unless i put the program on hold too often.(True 0 False 1) 9. I am prepared to set aside time and effort every week to plan out the necessary changes.(True 1 False 0) 10. As soon as i perceive any results, I inevitably lose my motivation to continue.(True 0 False 1) 11. I want to start this program, even if i think it is too soon at this moment in my life.(True 0 False 1) Now, I will give you some time to do a total score of all the 11 questions. Go ahead! Take your time, total the 11 false or true and come to the total scores. Some recomemendations, there is no single answer which can show on each on wheather you are ready for change. NOW! If your total is 8 or higher You likely have good reasons to take on a lifestyle change protocol right away, and you have an appropriate outlook on the continued efforts you will have to make. You will still be able to learn more about the areas in which your score was 0 If your total is between 5 and 7 You should look at your motivations for taking on this kind of program. Reconsider those questions for which you got a score of 0 If your total is 4 or less This means that it may not be the right time to begin this change. Your answers suggest that you may not be ready to make necessary efforts to succeed in this challenge. You should reconsider your motivations and perhaps advantages and disadvantages. Go deeper, and familiarize yourself with the method, answers will come little by little. Now that you have done this, one effective way to measure motivation is to construct a desicion balance analysis, in which you list all the advantages of making a change in one colom and disadvantages is doing so in another colom. Here is example for diet Changing diet analysis : Advantages; – I will lose weight – I will improve my health – I will have more energy – I will look better Disadvantages; – It is hard work – I will have to give up my favorite sweets – I may feel very hungry – I may feel stressed Now maintaining current diet analysis : Advantages; – It is easier – I can eat my favorite food – I can relieve stress by snacking Disadvantages; – I won’t lose weight – I will not get healthier – I may gain weight – I may get sick You can do this for any behaviour changed you make consider. by doing that you may find the additional motivation that is needed to move forward. So, after you have taking step to assess your willpower and maximize your motivation, It is time to apply some discipline to help you achieve your goals. Here are 10 guidelines that will help you to make decide lifestyle change for good. 10 Guidelines For Lifestyle : – Avoid fast food – Drink water – Eat salads – Get some exercise everyday – Make sleep a priority – Eat only when eating is your primary activity – Eat foods with ingredients which are familiar to you – Eat only what you intended to eat and stop before you are truly full – Tell everyone what health-related changes you want to make – Meditate everyday