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Forgetfulness can happen to the best of us. And unfortunately, you never know when it will strike and cause you to lose important names, facts and words. Not to mention the awkward embarrassment you might feel if you’re in a public setting.
Have you ever experienced these awkward moments?
  • Completely drawn a blank when it comes to remembering someone’s name
  • Forgotten your mother’s birthday, your anniversary or your email password
  • Mispronounced a word or phrase that you’ve used countless times before
You’re not alone. Today’s fast-paced world and all its many distractions are adversely affecting your ability to recall information. Fortunately, Jeunesse has a solution to help you remember more and remember better.


- Fights mental distraction
- Helps your stay on task
- Backed by clinical trials
- Sourced from corn
Silk Protein Hydrolysate 
- Remember names, facts and words
- Backed by clinical trials
- Sourced from protein in silk cocoons
Inspired by Eastern medicine, M1ND™ is a memory and concentration dietary supplement made with l-theanine and CERA-Q™, clinically proven proteins derived from silkworm cocoons.
M1ND™ was developed to combat common dilemmas : 
  • Do you suffer from memory glitches? 
  • Do you have trouble recalling names, facts and words? 
  • Are you easily distracted in today’s busy world?
    M1ND™ is a 2-in-1 dietary supplement that can help clear the cobwebs from your head. The secret to the memory-keeping formula of M1ND is within its proven ingredients. Silk protein hydrolysate has been clinically shown to help keep memory, while L-Theanine reduces mental distraction.*
    M1ND™ is a dietary supplement clinically shown to support memory and reduce mental distraction.

Original Made in USA

An Ounce of Genius M1ND™ Can :
- Support Cognitive Function
- Support a Healthy Memory
- Reduce Stress and Anxiety
- Help Promote a Positive Mind and Mood
- Help Promote Better Sleep
- Support Focus and Mental Clarity
- Help Fight Free Radical Damage
- And much more...
Each Ounce of Genius M1ND™ Contains :
- Delicious lemon meringue flavor with M1ND tingle
- Distraction-reducing L-Theanine†
- Clinically shown, memory-keeping CERA-Q™†
- Commuter-friendly travel packet
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     Disclaimer* :
      *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
      *This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What are you waiting for?
From acing your work presentation to remembering your grocery list (you left at home), M1ND™ can help improve your ability to remember, overcome distractions and keep up with today’s busy world.*
Don’t waste another day … put M1ND™ to the test.

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